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I’ve just finished my new piano lesson promotional video Check it out below, and please feel free to share! If you live in Warner Robins or Middle Georgia and are interested in piano lesssons, I have over 25 years experience and teach all ages and styles. SIGN UP today. First two lessons are on me!

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We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect. I think we all can agree that you can’t expect to be good at anything without putting in the necessary hours of practice. That’s a given. However, defining what “the necessary hours of practice” means, is highly dependent on two variables: the student’s goals and skill level. It’s

If you’re in the market to a purchase a new keyboard, it’s beneficial to understand the difference between weighted and non-weighted keyboards. Perhaps you’ve heard me talking about it, or you’ve seen it as a feature in keyboards specs. If you’re purchasing an acoustic piano, you won’t have to worry about weighted keys because they