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We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect. I think we all can agree that you can’t expect to be good at anything without putting in the necessary hours of practice. That’s a given. However, defining what “the necessary hours of practice” means, is highly dependent on two variables: the student’s goals and skill level. It’s

A few months ago, I had a certain student sign up for piano lessons who turned out to have considerable talent. Her dexterity was above average for her age and most of all – she loved playing! That’s a big deal. After all, that is the ultimate goal – for the student to enjoy playing

Mornings are a great motivator for me. There is nothing better than waking up to a brand new day, getting a fresh cup of Starbucks French Roast from my Keurig and diving into some positive reading for a half hour or so. Today, for some reason, I was drawn to The Learning Revolution by Gordon

The truth about piano lessons

Friday, 07 November 2014 by

I was on the internet today searching for piano resources, and I came across this great article, which I found to be refreshingly honest! The article is by Karen Berger from her blog Musical Resources. It discusses the parent’s role in their child’s musical education. As both a piano teacher and a parent of four