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This is the official announcement for my 2016 fall piano and voice recital! I will be holding the recital at the same location as I did for the spring concert, which is Houston Lake Baptist Church in Perry, GA. Special thanks to Pastor Fred McCoy for allowing me to have my recital in his beautiful

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I’ve just finished my new piano lesson promotional video Check it out below, and please feel free to share! If you live in Warner Robins or Middle Georgia and are interested in piano lesssons, I have over 25 years experience and teach all ages and styles. SIGN UP today. First two lessons are on me!

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We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect. I think we all can agree that you can’t expect to be good at anything without putting in the necessary hours of practice. That’s a given. However, defining what “the necessary hours of practice” means, is highly dependent on two variables: the student’s goals and skill level. It’s

If you’re in the market to a purchase a new keyboard, it’s beneficial to understand the difference between weighted and non-weighted keyboards. Perhaps you’ve heard me talking about it, or you’ve seen it as a feature in keyboards specs. If you’re purchasing an acoustic piano, you won’t have to worry about weighted keys because they

A few months ago, I had a certain student sign up for piano lessons who turned out to have considerable talent. Her dexterity was above average for her age and most of all – she loved playing! That’s a big deal. After all, that is the ultimate goal – for the student to enjoy playing

What kind of keyboard should I buy? Should I get an acoustic or digital piano? What are the differences between the two? These are very common questions that I get as a piano teacher in Warner Robins and the Middle Georgia area. Before I get into that, there really are two things that are going

It’s no secret that becoming a skilled musician takes some work, however there is definitely something to be said about someone being born with natural talent. There is truly no other explanation! Enjoy! Emily Bear Bear is a well-known pianist and composer from Illinois who is now 13 years old (Note that in this particular

Mornings are a great motivator for me. There is nothing better than waking up to a brand new day, getting a fresh cup of Starbucks French Roast from my Keurig and diving into some positive reading for a half hour or so. Today, for some reason, I was drawn to The Learning Revolution by Gordon

The truth about piano lessons

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I was on the internet today searching for piano resources, and I came across this great article, which I found to be refreshingly honest! The article is by Karen Berger from her blog Musical Resources. It discusses the parent’s role in their child’s musical education. As both a piano teacher and a parent of four