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One on One Instruction

I offer individual, private piano and vocal lessons in Warner Robins, GA. One big advantage of individual lessons is that the student is not "held" back by a group of others. Additionally, their lesson plan can be individualized. I currently teach over 60 students.
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Customized Piano Lessons

Every student learns differently and not every student has the same goals. I utilize a wide array of teaching techniques,resources and books in addition to offering instruction in multiple genres, including classical, pop, blues, R&B, gospel and more.
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Experienced Piano Teacher, 25 Years

I am an accomplished piano teacher, performer, studio session player and vocalist with many satisfied students and parents in Warner Robins, GA! To learn more about me, click above.

Mixer of Piano/Keyboard Songs by Hugh Hession

This is sample of my playing which demonstrates my musical diversity. First up is the most recognized classical song in the world: "Fur Elise" by Beethoven. I then included Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" in which I play everything (yes, it's all a keyboard!). Next is "Skyler a Very Wise Bear" which I wrote and produced (that's me singing!) to support the children's book of the same title. This was for the Hospice of Central Georgia and their bereavement program. It was one of four songs for the CD and book. Lastly, I include an original song called "When it's Over" in the style of Jim Brickman.

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What others are saying about Hugh!

  • In my career thus far, I have worked with big names like The Outlaws, Wet Willie, James Brown, Trisha Yearwood, Danny Seraphine, Razzy Bailey and more. Hugh has the kind of can do attitude that one needs to be at the top of the music business. This, along with his fantastic piano and vocal skills and amazing songwriting and arranging ability makes him a must if you want to do something truly professional.
    Joey Stuckey, Shadow Sound Studio, Macon, GA
  • I have had the honor of knowing and working with Hugh Hession for some time. I have found Hugh to be a great asset, both personally and professionally, and one who embodies traits that are hard to find in today’s world. Hugh is honest, forthright, punctual, professional and always thinking. Thank you Hugh for being a friend and colleague.
    James LeFavour, Chairman, Georgia Music Industry Association, Atlanta, GA
  • Hugh is a seasoned veteran musician with dynamic vocals and exceptional keyboard skills. His contribution as an educator is immeasurable.
    Tony Cooper, Professional Musician, Macon, GA
  • From the beginning lessons, we noted and observed Mr. Hession’s teaching style of how our son’s was receptive to his instructions – to us, a good rapport from instructor to student is very important. We are extremely impressed and satisfied.
    CC T, Warner Robins, GA
  • We attended Hugh Hession's piano recital this past weekend, our second recital overall, and were treated to a very nice event. Students of different skill levels performed admirably with a few standouts including some who played their pieces by heart. Subsequent to the performance we were treated to some nice snacks and refreshments including fresh, whole strawberries and the likes. The birthday rendition by Hugh for one of the audience members who had a birthday that day was special. Thanks for the hard work, Hugh.
    Tom T, Warner Robins, GA
  • If you are looking to take your talents to the next level, Hugh knows what it takes and focuses like a laser beam on making it happen! I recommend him and his work with no reservations.
    Chris Lyon, Advisor, Georgia Music Industry Association, Soundman, AthsFest Music Festival


  • 08/11/2016in Entertainment, Recital

    Announcing the Fall Piano and Voice Recital – November 20, 2016

    This is the official announcement for my 2016 fall piano and voice recital! I will be holding the recital at the same location as I did for the spring concert, which is Houston Lake Baptist Church in Perry, GA. Special thanks to Pastor Fred McCoy for allowing me to have my recital in his beautiful...
  • Warner Robins Georgia piano teacher watch my new video!

    I’ve just finished my new piano lesson promotional video Check it out below, and please feel free to share! If you live in Warner Robins or Middle Georgia and are interested in piano lesssons, I have over 25 years experience and teach all ages and styles. SIGN UP today. First two lessons are on me!...
  • 21/07/2015in Parents, Recommendations

    How many hours a week should I practice the piano?

    We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect. I think we all can agree that you can’t expect to be good at anything without putting in the necessary hours of practice. That’s a given. However, defining what “the necessary hours of practice” means, is highly dependent on two variables: the student’s goals and skill...
  • 23/04/2015in Recommendations, Tech

    What are the differences in weighted keyboards?

    If you’re in the market to a purchase a new keyboard, it’s beneficial to understand the difference between weighted and non-weighted keyboards. Perhaps you’ve heard me talking about it, or you’ve seen it as a feature in keyboards specs. If you’re purchasing an acoustic piano, you won’t have to worry about weighte...
  • 16/04/2015in Parents

    Why do music lessons always seem to go on the chopping block?

    A few months ago, I had a certain student sign up for piano lessons who turned out to have considerable talent. Her dexterity was above average for her age and most of all – she loved playing! That’s a big deal. After all, that is the ultimate goal – for the student to enjoy playing...
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